Project::OSiRiON ini file editor.

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Project::OSiRiON ini file editor - README

	This is a quick-and-dirty editor for Project::OSiRiON zone ini files.
	It's written in C++ and uses the Qt library.


	Use File -> Open to open an existing ini file.

	You can drag the map using the right mouse button and zoom with the mouse wheel.

	Use the left mouse button to select an entity on the map.

	You can drag the selected entity around the map with the left mouse button.


	The source code can be downloaded from the GitLab repository
	To clone the repository:
	git clone http://git.osirion.org/osirion/osirion-editor.git

	The source code is licenced under the GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, version 2.
	The full text of this licence can be found in the file LICENSE.

	Please refer to
	for more information about this license.